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'Strange About The Rain' EP

Posted by Arthur on September 4, 2012 at 7:50 AM

Hello friends.

I'm delighted to say that the first Our Arthur EP will be coming out on October 15th. Followed closely by the album 'Humour Me'

The EP is called 'Strange About The Rain' and in total there are six tracks.

'Strange About the Rain' is an old song I made up many years ago, but back then I couldn't get it to sound right and it was shelved. My friend Jez Butler (Death By Chocolate) has done all the orchestral parts, and I think it's come out rather good. I guess you could say it's in the style of big 60's pop ballads, except for the fact  it was recorded at home with no budget! There's a, (for want of a better description)  'shoegazey glow' to the song. Which really means the guitars get fuzzy and build up to loud points.

The other songs are

 'Event Arts '92' Another old song I was messing about playing the guitar and just started singing it, and we quickly recorded it. Simple two takes, throw a xylophone on top for good messure, done.

 'The Middle Class Epidemic' I played to a friend who said it was weird! It's okay, it's not the first time that's happened. The song is about Bristol. Maybe it is a bit weird. Very loud bass, simple stumming acoustic guitar. Give it a couple spins and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

'This Car Will Not Drive'  A bit of a pop jangle type song, but with country-ish tints all over it. In a 60's pop country kind of way (ie, not actually very country at all). It's more like a Sarah records band plays a country song than it is Johnny Cash (sadly!). Actually I prefer to think it's a bit like Moose (remember them?) And Scott from Secret Shine played some lovely guitars on it. I had a problem with the song and couldn't get a finished version I liked, so I was about to scrap it, when a friend (Michael Barrett) said he'd take all the seperate peices, and a few weeks later he sent me this finshed mix, and I thought it was smashing. 

'You Make My Heart Beat Faster'  A strange almost mantra style one line song (although more a piece of experimental music than a song) that I started over ten years ago. I guess I've used a few old songs on this batch of recordings to clear my head of them and make way for lots of new things. Not intentionally, pehaps subconsciously. 'Heart Beat' features a number of indie pop names each singing a line of the song, while synths make odd sounds and drums clatter and electronics crackle away like there are mice nibbling at the electric cables. It's not what you'd call a radio friendly hit, but I like it lots.

'Strange About The Rain (No Kestrels Demo Mix)'  Which is quite different to the proper version. It has different solos and no orchestra parts. But I like it almost as much as the final version. All in all I think it's a rather special EP. I hope you'll love it too. The album will be following in just a few weeks. More about that very soon.

You can buy the EP from A Work Of Heart Records,  follow the link here


There is a video for 'Strange About The Rain' on the video page. Enjoy!


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